Search, select and cast prospective talent in one place.

Krowdkast is the only online platform which allows users to source accredited Models, Actors & Influencers for castings and bookings, via their respective agencies.

The Krowdkast Search Platform enables users to access a content driven search facility containing the highest standards of agency represented Models, Actors & Influencers. Users can search, filter and select Talent for castings & bookings using a variety of in depth search criteria, with all enquiries going directly to a Talents represented agent or manager.

Designed by leading industry professionals, the Krowdkast Casting Suite streamlines the casting process. The interactive experience allows users to cast talent across the globe via an industry specific video-call platform. The immersive platform enables Casting Hosts to record, photograph, send auto-cues & scripts and control the number of Casting Attendee’s. Casting on behalf of a client? Record & download the casting and share with your team.

Krowdkast | The professional casting platform.


Krowdkast is built by professionals,

for professionals.


With a profound understanding of industry challenges, Krowdkast was designed to simplify and refine the process of casting talent across the world. Time is a constant pressure in the creative industry, which highlights the importance of having an effective search & casting platform which integrates everything seamlessly.

We work to protect rates and working standards which is why all of the listed Models, Actors & Influencers are booked via accredited agencies.

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New technology to tackle industry challenges.​

Krowdkast’s evolving technology is integral to industry growth, and a way in which the industry can respond to challenges. Slow processes, such as sending multiple agency enquiries and travelling to attend castings, have now been digitalised. Our Casting Suite brings advanced recording, high-definition video and integrated software to allow a seamless casting process from start to finish. Through our continued market research, industry monitoring and user feedback, we continue to develop new products and upgrades to benefit the Krowdkast community.


Krowdkast only lists accredited talent agencies.

The talent listed can only be booked via their regulated agents to ensure we keep our community protected. Each agency application and booking request undergoes our in-house check first to ensure our clients never receive any compromised requests. Booking through unregulated platforms can cause problems for businesses, projects, agents and talent. Dedicated to re-building trust in the casting process, Krowdkast believes in always booking talent through industry approved & accredited agents & managers.

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Please see below a selection of our most commonly asked questions.

What is Krowdkast?

Krowdkast is a search platform dedicated to sourcing professionally-represented Models, Actors and Influencers for castings and bookings, via their respective agents, integrated with a fully immersive, future ready Casting Suite which enables clients to cast talent from across the world via unique video-call software.

Who is Krowdkast for?

Krowdkast is a tool designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals. Talent agents, Casting Directors, Fashion Designers, Photographers and other industry professionals are all encouraged to use Krowdkast as a platform to search for talent via their representative agencies and host professional online castings. Krowdkast is already being used by leading brands across the world such as Adidas, Porsche, Sephora, The Inkey List, Nintendo and Samsung.

Is Krowdkast a Talent Agency?

No, Krowdkast is not an agency and users are not able to make direct bookings of talent through the platform. We host professional talent agencies, agents & managers who can list their Models, Actors and Influencers to industry professionals. Krowdkast is used by industry professionals (i.e. Casting Directors) to search and cast talent to suit their brief. All casting and booking enquiries for a talent are made via a talents respective agent or manager.

I am a Model/Actor/Influencer and would like to be on Krowdkast, how do I do this?

Your affiliated agency will need to be registered with Krowdkast, once they are onboard, we will automatically feature your portfolio on our site. If you would like to be presented on Krowdkast, please speak with your agency who can apply to join Krowdkast.

I am an Agent and would like to add my agency and Talent to Krowdkast, how do I do this?

Please select the following link to register: A Krowdkast team member will contact you within 24hrs to discuss suitability and the next steps.

What personal information of Models/Actors/Influencers do you hold?

Krowdkast only shares information about Talent provided by the agent, this information is readily available on the Agencies public website e.g. height, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, age and location. We hold no personal data or contact information; we only reply to talent should they contact us in the first instance.

What if a Model/Actor/Influencer has multiple agents, which Agent is able to display the Talent on Krowdkast?

In this scenario, it is based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The first Agent to add the Talent is the one who’s listing will appear on Krowdkast. However, if the Talent would prefer to be represented by a specific agency, they are able to change this by contacting us at In most cases the Mother agent or Primary Agent of the Talent is requested by the Model/Actor/Influencer to be represented on Krowdkast.

How does Krowdkast generate revenue?

Krowdkast is a subscription based platform. Depending on a users chosen plan, Krowdkast will generate revenue accordingly.

How much does Krowdkast cost?

Currently, the Krowdkast search and enquiry platform is free of charge to clients & agents. The Search and Enquiry platform will remain free of charge to clients indefinitely. The Casting Suite has varying subscription levels depending on a user’s requirements.

Do Krowdkast take a commission from bookings?

No, Krowdkast is not involved in the booking element. We are only a tool for searching, enquiring and hosting castings. All booking correspondence is dealt with directly between Agent and Client.

I want to join Krowdkast as an Agent, is there a Contract or timescale that I am committed to?

Agents are not contractually bound into an agreement, however we kindly ask that agents provide 30 days notice prior to leaving the platform, to ensure that any clients who are currently searching for Talent do not lose search results for current enquiries.

What are the benefits of joining Krowdkast as an agent?

Krowdkast is a platform that can promote agents with new business opportunities. With clients now using our platform to make bookings across the world, we have seen bookings convert from Samsung, Sephora, Porsche and The Inkey List to name a few. The Casting Suite facility enables clients to easily arrange castings with your talent from anywhere in the world. Krowdkast invests in a significant amount of advertising across all social channels to promote the platform to new users. As Krowdkast grows, as do the agencies registered with the platform. Krowdkast adds a layer of due-diligence to the booking process for agents as well – every client request we are sent is checked by our in-house team. This allows us to filter through any unprofessional requests, before they are sent to any of our affiliated agencies. This maintains a professional industry standard throughout the search, and casting process.

How is Talent added to Krowdkast? Do we have to manually add each and every one of our Models, Actors & Influencers to the platform?

Krowdkast offers a number of solutions to assist with the Talent upload process, including software which automatically synchronises data from an agencies website to the Krowdkast platform, alongside an in-house specialist team on hand to take care of as much of the Talent upload process as possible. This ensures that the majority of the workload associated with this process is handled from our side.

How are the Talent listings kept up to date?

Krowdkast has technology that automatically traces an Agent's website every 24hrs, this process detects any changes to Talents images or details, updating them automatically in the process. The software also tracks whether any new Talent has been added to an agents website, automatically adding them to Krowdkast, or if a Talent has been removed from an Agency website, they are automatically removed from Krowdkast. We like to keep workload to a minimum for agents, apart from the additional enquiries we look to provide agents. If you would prefer to manage your own listings that appear on Krowdkast, there is a facility which allows agents to manually update their Talent when they need to.


Leading the way in innovation, Krowdkast is the first online platform which allows users to cast premium Models, Actors & Influencers via their respective agencies. The search, select and casting process has been integrated to simplify the process for all industry professionals.