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The only search platform dedicated to sourcing professionally-signed models for castings and bookings, via their respective agents.

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The first platform of its kind

Krowdkast is the ONLY agency search platform dedicated to sourcing professionally-represented models, actors and influencers for castings and bookings, via their respective agents. This one-of-a kind search platform allows users to make casting/bookings enquiries, for numerous models, actors and influencers, directly to their agencies.


Searchable Models

Clients Benefit


Enjoy a simple, fast & efficient search platform.


Work with established and accredited national and international agencies.


Enabling industry professionals to simply & efficiently search models, actors & influencers .

Unique Technology

Krowdkast's evolving software generates real-time availability, current location, latest imagery and data.


Instantly search through multiple agency boards.

No Fees

Krowdkast is a platform free of charge for all clients.

Agencies Benefit


Showcasing your talent to a new audience and potential new business opportunities.


Work with professional clients that are vetted and registered with Krowdkast.


Complete transparency and trust through the search and selection process.


Through our digital reach and industry knowledge, enjoy growth of castings and bookings.

Partnership Assurance

A positive declaration to give confidence and assurance throughout operations.

No Fees

Krowdkast is a platform free of charge for all agencies.

Searching and casting has evolved

Krowdkast is an innovative, high-level digital platform, enabling clients, models and agencies to use a content driven search facility containing the highest standards of models, actors and influencers.



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